Manoli's Shades of SunLight - The millenium's last Eclipse

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One of the reasons I spent August of '99 working in Paris was to see the last total solar eclipse of the Millenium. Sure enough, on August 11, all of Paris, France, Europe and the world was looking at the sun. Some were looking through especially designed eclipse sunglasses, some through home-made tools that reproject the sun, others through satelite retransmissions. I was alternating between my dark glasses and my digital camera. Here are the pictures i took of my first total eclipse of the sun. Enjoy.

eclipse0-paris eclipse1-firstcontact eclipse2 eclipse3 eclipse4-almost-there eclipse4-b-night eclipse5-totalite eclipse6-back-in-the-light eclipse7-fireinthesky eclipse8-apocalypse eclipse9-parisiens eclipse99-manoli
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