Manoli's Shades of International Orange - Muir Woods, Point Reyes and the Golden Gate

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Living in San Francisco the summer of 99, I finally managed to actually spend some time north of the golden gate. Here's a section on Marin County, including biking across the golden gate to reach Sausalito. A picnic in Tiburon Beach with Carina, Crista, Jodi, Paul and Yana. A trip to Ocean Beach, Muir Beach and Stinson Beach and Point Reyes with Crista and Eric. A hiking trip to Muir Wood with Corinne, Crista, Maria and Frank, whose pictures still need to be scanned in. Finally, Marin County is the place with the best view on the Golden Gate bridge, and a perfect spot for pictures.

Golden Gate

fullmoon hug lineup bridge sailboat prison bikers comingback night

Tiburon Beach

xgames trees whichway paradise rock baywatch girls boys ready go hole reflection shadow

Muir Woods

alltheway police shorts christmas crazy wedding muir

Point Reyes

eagle beach view pointreyes kiss waves sunset
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