Manoli's Shades of Blue - 12 years in Greece

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I lived in Greece for 12 years. March 13 1977 - July 14 1989. I've been going back almost every summer since then, even for 2 weeks! On the left, you can see my sister Maria in the Meteors. The picture was taken in the summer of 93, the last summer we spent in Greece before moving to the US. On the right, you can see Panayiotis, my brother, Maria, and me in a traditional Easter scene in our summer house in Saronida, carrying the lamb to roast in the garden where the fire is awaiting.


DSCN5074 DSCN5079 DSCN5083 DSCN5102 DSCN5105 DSCN5116 DSCN8282 DSCN8283 DSCN8286 DSCN8288 DSCN8483

El Passo (Garden)

DSCN6983 DSCN8345 DSCN8386 DSCN8422 DSCN8424 DSCN8468 DSCN8527 lamb IMG_1151 DSCN8352 DSCN8353 DSCN8356 DSCN8378 DSCN8413 chatons

El Passo (Views)

DSCN4941 DSCN4952 DSCN8464 DSCN5592 DSCN8523 DSCN7089 DSCN8521 DSCN8522 el-passo-plakostroto el-passo-sikia el-passo-fournos el-passo-sikia2 el-passo

El Passo (Sea)

DSCN5523 DSCN5525 DSCN5531 DSCN5545 DSCN6967 DSCN7107 DSCN7112 DSCN8556 DSCN8486 DSCN8490 thalata limanaki


DSCN5659 DSCN5707 DSCN5725 poseidon sounion sounion2 sounion3


DSCN7641 DSCN7721


DSCN7756 DSCN7765 balcony boukabilies church drunk houses italiani jeep1 jeep2 juanita kitty maria pelican port souvenirs stairs topless venetia wind backpacks


DSCN6917 DSCN8178 DSCN8195 DSCN8213 DSCN8247 DSCN8273 DSCN8275 DSCN8281

Family Trip (1997)

veranta gazing leonidas meteors passalimani passalimani2 sunset


sunlight shoreline touchingshore palmtree-cloudy palmtree-sunny window mountain professional valley spilaio monastiria

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