Manoli's Shades of Silicon Valley - A summer in Palo Alto

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Palo Alto

You can imagine my excitement knowing that i would spend the next summer only an hour away from San Francisco, in Palo Alto, working for Xerox in their Palo Alto Research Center, one of the first companies which set foot in Sillicon Valley. PARC is the place of a thousand inventions like Laser Printing, Ethernet, Graphical User Interfaces (hence Macintosh and Windows), or object-oriented programming. I got the opportunity to work with a team of very bright researchers, and hang out with a bunch very fun people. Activities there included basketball games, volleyball meetings, beach volley tournaments, dragonboating, weekly bike rides, and an annual PARC picnic and hiking outing.


Working and Living only at 5 minutes from Stanford University, i biked there every afternoon to join volleyball games with the nicest people. The schedule of every single day was filled with beach volley tournaments, bike rides to see deers in the wilderness just an hour away, especially violent water polo games until midnight, diving exhibitions in random swimming pools, hiking on two wheels, and barbecues, which ended up in salsa and merengue marathons, or in jacouzy nights. When (if) we got tired of outdoor life, we went out to dinner at Chili's, or watched a classic in the Stanford Movie Theater, or cult movies in the Aquarius, the night usually finishing in CD shopping, or an ice-cream by a fountain, listening to street performers.


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Xerox PARC

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Palo Alto

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Summer 97

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