Manoli's Shades of Spring - 9 days in Puerto Rico

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A year after the short visit to San Juan, we return to puerto rico, this time to visit the entire island. The dream team comprises Maria, Lillian, Shane, Mathias and myself. The trip starts off in Viejo San Juan, in a little hotel right in the middle of the old city. After a few adventures at the airport, we set off to conquer the city. And this time we're not just looking at the glory of the colonial buildings and rich plazzas. We reach the guts and gutters of the city's poverty. On the other side of the Morro fortress lies a beach abandonned with trash, buildings falling appart, cement ruins in disarray. After this initial shock, we head back to the city we love, back to the dream world where everything is paved with beauty. And it's a series of traditional restaurants, our favorite El Jibarito restaurant, a little bar sheltered in the freshness of centennial trees, and then shopping, just in time to watch the most colorful sunset. As night comes along, we find a little bar called "La Rumba", filled with locals dancing salsa to the beat of a ten-piece Cuban band. People are not there to flirt, or find dates, they're there to dance. We're absorbed in this heat of ceasless motion, always stronger and always faster.


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Viejo San Juan

pr2_sanjuan01 pr2_sanjuan02 pr2_sanjuan03 pr2_sanjuan04 pr2_sanjuan05 pr2_sanjuan06 pr2_sanjuan07 pr2_sanjuan08 pr2_sanjuan09 pr2_sanjuan10 pr2_sanjuan12 pr2_sanjuan13


pr3_arecibo01 pr3_arecibo02 pr3_arecibo03 pr3_arecibo04 pr3_arecibo05 pr3_arecibo09

Cuevas del Rio Camuy

pr4_cuevas01 pr4_cuevas02 pr4_cuevas03 pr4_cuevas04 pr4_cuevas05 pr4_cuevas06 pr4_cuevas07 pr4_cuevas08 pr4_cuevas09 pr4_cuevas10 pr4_cuevas11 pr4_cuevas12 pr4_cuevas13 pr4_cuevas14 pr4_cuevas15 pr4_cuevas16 pr4_cuevas17 pr4_cuevas18 pr4_cuevas19 pr4_cuevas20 pr4_cuevas21 pr4_cuevas23 pr4_cuevas24 pr4_cuevas25 pr4_cuevas26 pr4_cuevas27 pr4_cuevas30 pr4_cuevas31

El Yunque

pr5_elYunque02 pr5_elYunque03 pr5_elYunque04 pr5_elYunque05 pr5_elYunque08 pr5_elYunque15 pr5_elYunque16 pr5_elYunque17 pr5_elYunque18 pr5_elYunque19 pr5_elYunque21 pr5_elYunque22 pr5_elYunque24 pr5_elYunque25 pr5_elYunque26 pr5_elYunque27 pr5_elYunque28 pr5_elYunque29 pr5_elYunque30 pr5_elYunque31


pr6_luquillo01 pr6_luquillo02 pr6_luquillo05 pr6_luquillo06 pr6_luquillo07 pr6_luquillo10 pr6_luquillo11 pr6_luquillo13 pr6_luquillo14 pr6_luquillo15 pr6_luquillo18

Acerca de MarChiquita

pr7_marchiquita02 pr7_marchiquita04 pr7_marchiquita05 pr7_marchiquita06 pr7_marchiquita07

Acerca de Luquillo

pr8_beach03 pr8_beach04 pr8_beach09

Driving the Ruta Panoramica

pr9_panoramica12 pr9_panoramica13 pr9_panoramica14 pr9_panoramica16 pr9_panoramica17 pr9_panoramica18 pr9_panoramica19 pr9_panoramica20 pr9_panoramica21 pr9_panoramica22 pr9_panoramica23 pr9_panoramica24 pr9_panoramica25 pr9_panoramica26 pr9_panoramica27
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