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The best spring break vacation of my life was in the carribean. From March 18 to 25, a group of 10 friends and I rented a sailboat in the virgin islands and escaped from civilization in an earthling paradise. The pictures are not scanned in yet, but it shouldn't take long. Please check back in a week or so.

On the road (Sunday)

On the plane to San Juan Boarding for the Virgin Islands Smaller than a bus, it's our plane to Tortola From the airport, on to the port The first sunrise in paradise Leaving the port in Tortola

Tortola (Monday)

The cast: Gwen, Alex, Maria The cast: Tim, Maxime, Manolis, Antoine, Manoli Taking a swim Fishing for dinner Down in the cabins The front of the boat Sailboat are pretty Rocks and their reflection Rocks and the shadow of our sailboat Rocks again The first sunset

Virgin Gorda (Tuesday)

What are they looking at? It's the Spinaker sail! Admiring the Spinaker sail (1) Admiring the Spinaker sail (2) Admiring the Spinaker sail (3) Climbing Waves Antoine and Marie masters on the boat Sunset on the dinghy Sunset Sunset

Peter Island (Wednesday)

Look Ma No hands! Sailboat exercise Snorkeling loot The baths Paradise on earth

Saint Martin (Thursday)

Waking up Breakfast Coffee or Tea Tropical drinks and french bread Pagoda Shot Shopping in Marigot The fortress Sailing away Stopping on a desert beach The tourists arrive I guess we're leaving Navigating Goodbye Gwen says Alex Walking on palm avenue Sititng on palm avenue Land between two seas Candlelight waiting for the moon to rise Stretching in the morning Sea between two lands Our hotel last night The tide is high

Saint Barts (Friday)

Sailing to Saint Bartholomee Morning bath Breakfast at 40 degrees Boat shots (1) Boat shots (2) Boat shots (3) Boat shots (4) Boat shots (5) Eden rock hotel 1 if by sea 2 if by air Saint John airport Fish Eating in the Cabin Saint Bart (1) Saint Bart (2) Saint Bart (3) Saint Bart (4) Dinner is served

Back to the Virgins (Saturday)

Sunrise 6:00am Sunrise 6:01am A Virgin Island (1) Tim and Maria Virgin Gorda Climbing the sail (1) Climbing the sail (2) Climbing the sail (3) Another sunset Barbecue time Party in the cockpit Lost the sense of gravity

Jost Van Dyke (Sunday)

A Virgin Island (2) Sand Spit and Green Cay A Virgin Island (3) Sandy Cay A human wall (1) A human wall (fortified) He's not touching the ground Group shot Diving exhibition Frenchman's Cay The end of a beautiful vacation And the road back
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