Manoli's Shades of Mist - Three summers in San Francisco

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I first visited San Francisco when Netscape flew me over for an interview the Spring of my freshman year at MIT. My high school friend Athena let me stay in her dorm in Stanford, and i got a chance to visit the area. San Francisco is the city of all wonders. Its 49 hills, the Transamerican Building, the Coit Tower, The Crookedest Street (also known as Lombard), and of course Alcatraz and the Golden Gate have made San Francisco unique in its international fame. Setting foot on the land of so many movies, finally meeting the tram and the almost vertical streets with which so many spectacular scenes have been staged, was something like entering the sacred land of Hollywood. Eddie Murphy was making his latest movie at the time. I was there, in Chiradelli Square, when they were filming the final scene of him walking down a steep street accompanied by a dog. The funniest thing was that Eddie Murphy didn't actually bother walking. A stunt man was walking for him!!

Spring 2004

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Gwena Corinne Eric

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Peter Pan

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Pride Parade

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Summer 97 - Xerox PARC Internship

flowers stern_grove jodi sf_mike_lillian

Spring 96 - Netscape Interview

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