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I was lucky enough to get a paper published in Siggraph, the largest and most renowned computer graphics conference (48 000 people). I was a sophomore at MIT when i was doing the work, and a junior when the paper was published in Siggraph '98. The door was open for me to visit hundreds of company exhibitions, meet the brightest people in the field, learn in those five days of the conference more about graphics than what i learned throughout my MIT education, and get a taste of how the industry relates to university research in such a hot field as computer graphics. I also got to spend two weekends in the Magic World of Walt Disney, visited the newly opened Animal Kingdom, and live tales as old as time in Magic Kingdom. The Disney Kingdom is an entire city by itself, constructed and planned from the bare ground by the genious of Disney's engineers. The place is huge, tremendously huge (the entire California DisneyLand can fit in the parking lot alone of the Magic Kingdom park of DisneyWorld. Traffic there stops at 1am as the last buses leave and starts again at 3am, as the morning shift comes to get the place ready for the 50,000 visitors of the next day. It's amazing to see how a man-made artificial world can have such life, so many visitors, employees, lights, roads, buildings, trees, benches and cornerstones. It's unconceivable that everything can work around the clock, lacking any history, mistakes, or adaptation. Disney is not another attraction park. It's a brand new world of its own.

Siggraph 98

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Magic Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom

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