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Name: Maple
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Last modified: Mo Mar 26, 2018
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New 3/26/18): Maple 2018 is now the default

What is Maple? Where does it come from?

Maple is a Computer Algebra System from Maplesoft. It was originally developed by members of the University of Waterloo's Symbolic Computation Group (SCG). Ongoing research and development is now a combined effort between SCG, WMS, and several research organizations including the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM) in Burnaby, Canada and the Institute für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, ETH-Zentrum, in Zürich, Switzerland.

Maple on Athena

Maple 2018 is the current default (i.e., this is the version obtained by typing: add maple;

Maple 2017 is available and can be launched by typing:

add maple; -ver 2017 &

Maple at MIT

Maple is an officially supported software package for the MIT Athena Computing Environment. By "officially supported" we mean:

Members of the MIT community who wish to use Maple on non-Athena machines, or Athena users who need to run Maple while disconnected from the network may obtain Maple under MIT's academic contract (contact for more information if you are unable to follow these links). Note that there may have been minor upgrades released by WMS after the software was packaged; for patches and updates, see Maplesoft's web page on patches.

Other Resources

The following collection of pages is no longer actively maintained, but contains information which may still be useful:

Problems or Questions?

Help with Maple
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc"). Otherwise, see the other resources above or contact the vendor for help.

Sending bug reports
Athena users should report problems via the "sendbug" command.

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