Teaching with Maple

General Commentary

These articles present and summarize some of the issues involved in using mathematical software - like Maple - for teaching purposes.

Teaching Materials by Subject

This is a subject-categorized listing of some of the papers written about and materials created for teaching with Maple. Mathematical disciplines are more finely broken down than is generally the case for other subjects (eg. Physics). This isn't because Math is viewed as either a "better" or "bigger" academic discipline. It is simply done to organize the large volume of materials relevant to teaching the various mathematical concepts that are in fact utilized by many disciplines.



Differential Equations


Linear Algebra


Interdisciplinary or Pedagogical Topics

These articles either present the use of Maple in teaching across several disciplines, or discuss Maple-related teaching methodologies.

Mathematics and Education

These materials discuss general pedagogical issues of mathematically-oriented education and explore some computer-based techniques for instruction.

Other Resources

These are information servers located on the internet that contain collections of material specifically to instructional/educational issues.

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