How to Join

Our easy, painless, three-step program, now available FREE!

Step 1: Join with your HEART

First, you must acknowledge that, deep in your heart, you yearn to be a member of the unbelievable, the unparalleled, the untethered, the unbleached, the undefeated, the One and Only MIT Marching Band.

Step 2: Join with your NAME

Write to the band officers at Tell them your name and that you have discovered, within yourself, an otherworldly desire to join the enchanting, the enthusiastic, the en-fatuating, the envied, the endoplasmic reticulum of musical groups, the One and Only MIT Marching Band. You can join anytime! If you can't play an instrument, just tell us you play the bass drum. Just send us an email to let us know you exist and we'll set something up! You will then be added to the marching band mailing list, making you an official member of the MIT Marching Band (as per the constitution of the aforementioned body). Once you're on the list, you will receive announcements about our upcoming events. By the way, it would be helpful if you mentioned in your email to us whether you play an instrument (which one(s)?), would like to learn to play an instrument (which one?), or would like a non-musical role in our organization (like color guard, masseuse, groupie, etc.).

Step 3: Join with your BODY

Okay, this part is the hardest, but by far the most fun. First, you have to read your email or look at the web calendar to find out what we're doing. Then you have to get up from in front of the computer where you spend most of your life and trot over to your neighborhood Student Center (room W20-423) where you will meet us and join in merry music-making with the delightful, the delectable, the delirious, the dilemma, the de limit, the deluxe, the de-lovely, the One and Only MIT Marching Band =).