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Video #1: Adhesion defects in adherens junction (armadillo) mutant

Adhesion defects in adherens junction (armadillo) mutantContractile activity tears tissue apart when adherens junctions are disrupted, demonstrating critical role for adherens junctions in integrating contractile forces across the tissue. Video / Adam Martin

Video #2: Adhesion defects after cytochalasin D injection

Adhesion defects after cytochalasin D injectionLimiting actin polymerization with the drug Cytochalasin D disrupts stable connections between cells, suggesting that robust actin filament assembly is critical to maintain stable attachments between cells. Video / Mike Tworoger

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Interested in Joining the Lab?

The Martin lab is an interdisciplinary research group. We encourage students and postdocs with experimental or computational backgrounds to inquire about our lab. Contact Adam Martin with your CV and research interests if you are interested.


Adam Martin

Adam Martin
Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Ph.D. UC Berkeley
B.S. Cornell Univ.
acmartin [at]

Elizabeth Fong

Elizabeth Fong
Administrative Assistant

efong [at]

John Solitro

John Solitro
Technical Associate

jsolitro [at]

Postdoctorial associates

Hannah Yevick

Hannah Yevick

Ph.D. Institut Curie, Paris
yevick [at]

Graduate students

Clint Ko

Clint Ko
Graduate Student

kos [at]

Marlis Denk-Lobnig

Marlis Denk-Lobnig
Graduate Student

mdenklob [at]

Undergraduate students

Prateek Kalakuntla

Prateek Kalakuntla
Undergraduate Student



Soline Chanet - Postdoc at Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (Jean-Rene Huynh Lab)

Jeanne Jodoin - Patent Specialist at Nixon Peabody

Frank Mason - Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University

Graduate Students

Natalie Heer - Data Scientist at OM1, Inc.

Jonathan Coravos - Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Shicong 'Mimi' Xie - Postdoc at Stanford University (Skotheim Lab)

Claudia Vasquez - Postdoc at Stanford University (Dunn Lab)

Lab Managers and Technicians

Mike Tworoger - Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, FL

Elena Kingston - Graduate student at MIT (Biology)


Virapat Kieuvongngam - Graduate student at Rockefeller University (Biology)

Summer Students

Diana Faust - Student at Winsor High School

Eeshit Vaishnav - Graduate student at MIT (Biology)

Anjaney Kothari - Graduate student at Virginia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)