Halloween Writing Contest -- 2000

Last modified: Thu Oct 26 00:18:09 EDT 2000
The Rules Of The Joust (or How to be Foist by Your Own Words?)
  1. WOW: It was a dark and stormy Halloween contest...
  2. WOW: Halloween Contest News
NEW DEADLINE!  Until 10/17, send your stories of grue to Robyn!
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From the 17th to the 24th, send your stories to Tink!  Click here to send a message to Tink.

From 10/25 to 11/6, send votes to tink!

The Entries
And the words roll on...
  1. Calling
  2. The Basilisk
  3. Lite Light
  4. Attention
  5. Return of the Pumpkin
  6. Promethean Fire
  7. Hunting the Face of Innocence
  8. Demon's Pact
  9. The Curve
  10. Danae Taningia Erectus
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