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Some old notes on Japanese ways and woes

  1. RE: A Japanese Dilemma (cultural observer on-duty, sah!)

  2. RE: Star-Crossed Lovers in Japan (Part 2)

  3. RE: Star-Crossed Lovers in Japan (Part 3)

  4. Re: Star-Crossed Lovers in Japan (Part 4)

  5. Re: Star-Crossed Lovers in Japan (Final Part)

  6. Sexual Harassment? In Japan? (Part 1)

  7. Eastern character...

  8. FILLER: Notes on the Royal Wedding

  9. FILLER: A Japanese WOTD

  10. Love Hotels - MORE INFO!

  11. BACKGROUND: Japan in August

  12. NEWS: Kidnap, Ransom, And Murder in Japan

  13. BACKGROUND: A Japanese Funeral

  14. BACKGROUND: A Japanese Workman

  15. FILLER: A Japanese Ad

  16. BACKGROUND: Japan - Late Sept/Early Oct

  17. BACKGROUND: Japanese New Year

  18. BACKGROUND: Kabuki, Sumi-e, tea, flowers

  19. BACKGROUND: Valentine's Day in Japan

  20. BACKGROUND: Selling a Condo - Japanese Style

  21. Words of the Week

  22. Word of the Day

  23. Word of the Day

  24. Word of the Day

  25. Word of the Day

  26. Word of the Day

  27. WOTD: Seppuku and Hara-kiri

  28. SUB: March 15th - A Japanese Train Ride

  29. SUB: A Taste of Cherryblossoms