About LAMM
LAMM: Laboratory of Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics
Our laboratory is concerned with the structural and mechanical properties of materials, from the atomistic to continuum scales. We utilize molecular dynamic techniques for a multitude of materials ranging from biological protein materials (such as spider silk and human collagen) to synthetic materials (such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and polymer composites).
The full integration of structure and material from the the very smallest building blocks nature provides represents a unique opportunity to generate novel concepts and a new paradigm of materials design. Such opportunities are only possible via the development of simulation techniques.
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About SIMS
SIMS: Small-scale Interactive Molecular Simulations
Although our research group works with atomistic models and molecular dynamic simulations on a daily basis, any time we attempt to explain what we did to our friends and family, there is an obvious lack of knowledge about the subject area. Outreach and promotion of the subject area was necessary.
The SIMS project was proposed to attempt to make accessible some fundamental concepts of molecular dynamics via simulations with simple interfaces, user interaction, and requiring no prior knowledge of molecular dynamics.
Currently, the SIMS project is made possible by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), as the simulations are designed and developed by interested undergraduate students, under the guidance of a faculty advisor.
We are always looking for interested and motivated students to help us with this project.
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