Laboratory of Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics
So you want to know more about molecular simulations?
Advances in computer simulation and nanotechnology have made investigations at the atomistic or molecular level possible. Molecular dynamics provides a unique approach in engineering to investigate material properties and mechanical behavior at a fundamental level.
This site offers a selection of interactive molecular simulations to illustrate the connection between material behavior atomistic structure, as well as educate some fundamentals of molecular dynamics.
Our goal is to provide an interactive educational experience.
Our simulation ideology
“A simulation should imitate the internal processes
and not merely the results of the thing being simulated”
Although our simulations may seem simple on the surface, the physics and algorithms applied are same techniques used in large-scale molecular dynamic simulations.
Each simulation attempts to illustrate a basic principal of material or mechanical behavior, and a brief overview of the theory of the phenomenon simulated is given, with the hope that such a simple introduction to the world of atoms and molecules will develop a long-lasting friendship!
Promotion of atomistic and molecular knowledge and education
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