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I respectfully urge you who study the mystery,
don't pass your days and nights in vain.
Sekito Kisen, Sandokai

2007 Special Events:

Feb 9: The Sound of Zen | Japanese Shakuhachi by Grand Master Yoshio Kurahashi | 7PM | MIT Chapel

Feb 13: The Story of Tibet | A Talk by author Thomas Laird | 7PM | MIT Room 35-225

Mar 3-10: Rose Petal Mandala Exhibit: Artwork by Lori Schouela

Mar 4: Kids Sand Mandala Workshop (ages 4-11 yrs) |2PM|MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 5: Compassionate Care of the Dying | A Talk by Joan Halifax Roshi| 7PM | MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 6: Sand Mandala Opening Ceremony and Reception | 7PM | MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 7: Contemplation and Education: Conversations on a Contemplative Life| With Fr. Thomas Keating and Ven. Tenzin Priyadarshi | 7PM | MIT Room 32-123

Mar 8: Compassion in Medicine| A Talk by Dr. Michael Grodin | 7PM | MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 9: The Wheel of Life | Discussion with Lobsang Samten and Ven. Tenzin Priyadarshi | 7PM | MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 10: Sand Mandala Dissolution Ceremony | 2PM | MIT Simmons Hall

Mar 15: Social Intelligence | A Talk by author Daniel Goleman | 5PM | MIT Simmons Hall

April 26 : Training the Mind: From Stress to Bliss | A Public Talk by Robert Thurman (Please register or purchase a ticket for this talk)

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