University Web Sites

The following links point to university web sites for courses that use this book. Please notify Professor Senturia if you wish to have your class web page added to this list, or if you discover a dead link that needs updating.

M.I.T.Professors Joel Voldman and Carol Livermore

Univ. of Florida: Professor Huikai Xie

Univ. of Maryland: Professor Reza Ghodssi

Northeastern University: Professor Nick McGruer

Stanford University: Professor Olav Solgaard

Univ. of Michigan : Professor Kensall Wise

Univ. of Michigan : Professor Khalil Najafi

Univ. of Washington : Professor Alex Mamishev

National Tsing Hua University : Professor Cheng-Hsien Liu

UCLA : Professor Ming Wu

Brown Univ. : Professor Kenneth Breuer

Univ. of Pennsylvania: Professor G. K. Ananthasuresh

National Taiwan University: Professor Yao-Joe Yang (This site requires installation of Chinese language characters for Acrobat Reader)

Johns Hopkins University : Professors Andreou, Sharpe, and Hemker

University of California, Berkeley : Professors Howe and Srinivasan

Cornell University : Professor Edwin Kan

Columbia University : Professors Modi and Farmer

University of Cincinnati: Professors Ian Papautsky

Northern Illinois University: Professor Ibrahim M. Abdel-Motaleb

University of South Florida: Professor Shekhar Bhansali

Oslo University: Professor Liv Furuberg

Peking University: Professors Zhang Haixia and Wu Wengang

Da-Yeh University: Professor Dung-An Wang

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