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Structure and Calendar
Solving Complex Problems (12.000) meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 4 pm. The default meeting rooms are 32-123 (M and W) and 3-270 (F). Other rooms are available upon demand for team meetings and other activities. It is always a good idea to confirm where class will be held each day before class.

Learn your team
After the second class meeting on September 4th, students in Mission 2017 will be divided into teams, each of which will be responsible for conducting research on one aspect of the final problem. Once you know your team assignment, you will need to consult the Class Information Page in order to know where your team will meet each week.

Team meeting space
During class time if you choose to meet with your team there are three options available: 1) on Monday and Wednesday from 3-4 the main class room is available, several teams can meet here, including at least two on the floor in the front of the room with blackboard space. It is easy to have four teams meet here. 2) E25-117: this is a large room with tables and chairs and can easily hold four or more teams. 3) the Terrascope room (16-168)...(if possible it would be good to reserve the room the day of or sooner). If these choices do not meet your needs please contact us.

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