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Mission 2017 Faculty, TA's & UTF's

Your Professor:

Professor Sam Bowring
Professor of Geology,
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Building 54-1120, (617)253-3775
email Sam

Your TA:

Mike Eddy is a fourth year graduate student in Course 12 and studies deformation and magmatism associated with past movements of Earth's tectonic plates. He loves coffee, track and field, and the outdoors.    

Your UTFs:

Ali Trueworthy is a sophomore in the department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering. She is on the Varsity softball team and is also an executive member of ASME. You might see her (but you are more likely to hear her) around campus giving tours, talking to strangers, or hiding in the Tim the Beaver costume!

  Libby Koolik: When not busy picking away at the oranges, this native Floridian is often found chilling in the Terrascope Room, having a cup of coffee in the Green Building, rocking out with her sorority sisters, or foaming at the mouth over a really cool environmental or course 12 issue. You’ll never find her in her room; for some reason Kristina’s always in there!
Patience Stevens is a junior from Fort Myers, Florida, currently majoring Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department. Outside of classes, she choreographs tap dances for the MIT Dance Troupe and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega

  Lealia L. Xiong is a sophomore in course 8 (physics). She is from Connecticut and New Hampshire. After MIT, she'd like to go to medical school to learn how to be super cool and save lives. Outside of class, she is on the MIT Lion Dance team and the logistics commitee for MIT Techfair.
Jaya Narain is a senior from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She is currently studying mechanical and ocean engineering and enjoys working on robotics and international development projects. She also likes music, writing, and walking around Boston.

  Dirk Stahlecker is a course 6 junior from Idaho. He took all three Terrascope courses and thinks that Terrascope has to be the most awesome program at MIT. You can find him hanging out in the Terrascope room at all hours of the day. He really enjoys watching NASCAR, playing board games, and mountain biking down steep hills in his free time.

Anisha Gururaj is a senior in Course 10B (chemical-biological engineering) and minoring in Energy Studies from St. Louis, MO. She's involved with dancing, girls' education projects, and singing with her a cappella group, the MIT Ohms.   Anna Jungbluth is a second-year student from Frankfurt, Germany. She is currently studying Physics and Material Science. Anna is interested in environmentally friendly energy resources and anything related to space. She also plays the guitar and enjoys watching bad horror movies with her friends.
Judy Pu is a junior majoring in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (12). She is currently studying geology and has a moderate rock collection.

  Fiona Paine is a sophomore majoring in 6-1 (electrical engineering). She is from Rhode Island and enjoys running, sailing, and the outdoors.
Juju Wang is a sophomore in course 16. She is from Iowa City, IA. When not terrascoping, She likes to hang out in Simmons and do fun things.   Rin Yunis is a junior majoring in 2a/9. She loved Terrascope so much that now she can't leave.
Lealia L. Xiong is a senior in course 8 (physics). She is from Connecticut and New Hampshire. After MIT, she'd like to go to medical school to learn how to be super cool and save lives. When not in the Terrascope room, Lealia can be found hanging out in MacGregor's D Entry, singing in the shower, or taking photographs. Fun fact: Lealia helped sequence over 3000 tuberculosis genomes this summer.   Julia Longmate is a junior majoring in 6-7. Hailing from LA, she loves good books, tall trees, and large cuddly dogs.
Anthony Occidentale is from Bergenfield, New Jersey and is a sophomore in Course 2a with plans to double major in 15. He is currently interested in business, inventing, and pursuing startups. In his free time, Anthony makes music, DJs, snowboards, and hangs out with friends.   Francesca Majluf is a sophomore in 10-ENG, hoping to one day eradicate pollution. When she’s not in the Terrascope Room preparing some delicious tummy filler, she’s most likely ballroom dancing or actually doing her school work. In the rare occasion she finds herself with extra time, she practices martial arts, draws and paints, climbs trees and dreams about the future.
Kristina Kim was born fishing in the Columbia River and hiking in the temperate rainforests of the Washington state. Now at MIT she is a sophomore studying Course 20 (biological engineering). When not working and consuming copious amounts of sugar in the Terrascope room, she is probably growing bacteria in lab, playing flute with Concert Band, acting/playing with Next Act, or planning REX/CPW events at Simmons Hall. She also loves chilling with her wonderful roommate Libby - by the way, have you seen her lately?   Joseff Kolman is a sophomore majoring in political science and physics aiming for a career in public policy. He is very, very excited about helping Mission 2018 reach its potential this semester. While not working on things for his majors, he can be found playing euphonium in MIT’s Wind Ensemble, listening to classical music, and juggling.

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