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For a more recent list of seed fund winners, please go to and look for MITOR winners.

2012-13 Funded collaborations




Smart Meter Square Infrastructures for the Cities of Tomorrow

MIT: Urban Studies and Planning 
POLITO : DAD - Department of Architecture and Design)

Carlo Ratti Senseable City Lab(MIT)
Roberto Pagani  e Daniela Bosia (POLITO)

Laboratory Simulation of Planet-Solar Wind and Interstellar Medium/Heliosphere Interaction

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Energy

John Richardson Kavli Center for Astrophysics and Space Science Daniela Tordella Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale and Dr.  Dario Borgogno(Energia) POLITO

Development of Innovative Cements for the Building Sector: The Environmental Perspective in Material Science

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Applied Materials Science

Franz Ulm(MIT) Bruno de Benedetti and dr. Paolo Tecchio (POLITO)

Wearable Smart Fabrics for Harvesting Power from Human Body Motion

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sang-Gook Kim (MIT) Giorgio De Pasquale (POLITO) 

Computationally Optimized "All Carbon" Based Blends for Photovoltaic Applications

Materials Science and  Applied Science and Technology

Jeffrey Grossman (MIT)  Elena Tresso and dr. Giancarlo Cicero (POLITO)

Increasing Resilience of Communities to Earthquakes through Smart Phones after the 2012 Emilia Event

Building Technology Program
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Structural, Building and
Geotecnical Engineering

John Ochsendorf (MIT) Gian Paolo Cimellaro (with Tommaso Giovine (POLITO)

2011-2012 winners

2010-2011 Funded collaborations




Long term interaction in flow systems    

MIT: Mathematics 
POLITO : Aeronautics & Aerospace  ( DIASP)

Rodolfo Rosales     &
Daniela Tordella

Advanced Macromodeling Techniques for Micro-, Nano-, and Bio-Systems

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Luca Daniel ( MIT) –Stefano Grivet- Talocia ( DELEN-Polito)

Bicycles as a Vehicle for Engineering Education

Mechanical Engineering

Dan Frey( MIT) – Paolo Baldissera and Cristiana Delprete with Andrea Carraro and Matteo Durelli ( BS candidates) ( DIMEC-Polito)

Computationally Optimized Photovoltaics Based on Nanomaterials: Elucidating Fundamental Mechanisms and Predicting New Designs

Materials Science and Engineering

Jeffrey C. Grossman( MIT) Elena Tresso and Giancarlo Cicero ( DISMIC-Polito)

Development of New Cellular Materials by Gel-Casting Technique: Optimisation of Production Process and Functional Simulation of the Microstructure

Materials Science and Engineering

Lorna Gibson ( MIT) Jean Marc Tulliani and Marta Fornabaio- Ph.D ( DISMIC-Polito)

Guiding L’Aquila Reconstruction after 2009 Earthquake: Rebuilding a City Resilient to Multiple Hazards

Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Ochsendorf ( MIT) Gian Paolo Cimellaro and Vincenzo Arcidiaco-Ph.D ( DISTR-Polito)

Long Term Interaction in Flow Systems


Rodolfo Ruben Rosales ( MIT) and Daniela Tordella ( DIASP-Polito) MIT seed fund partner may change.

Multi-scale Analysis of the Cytoskeleton Machinery

Biological Engineering

Roger Kamm ( MIT) Franco Montevecchi ( DIMEC-Polito)

Multidisciplinary Framework for Morphing Wing Design,

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Karen Willcox and Qiqi Wang ( MIT) -Paolo Maggiore and Laura Mainini( DIASP-Polito)

Understanding the Earth Crust and Upper Mantle Seismic Properties through Joint Surface- and Body-Wave Tomography

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Robert van der Hilst ( MIT) Laura Valentina Socco ( DITAG-Polito)

A Predictive System for Neutron Induced Material Activation and Damage for Fusion

Nuclear Science and Engineerin

Dennis Whyte ( MIT) Massimo Zucchetti (DENER- Polito)

To view 2009-10 grant reports, please click here