Last updated on February 15, 1998.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!! If you don't want to know what happens please don't read any further!

Mahou Tsukai Tai! Episode 5 Summary

Sae and Nanaka are practicing sitting on horizontal bars in the schoolyard. Takeo comes by and Nanaka excuses herself, ducking into the school to find Aburatsubo. Takeo has yet ANOTHER ecchi hallucination about Sae. She still lacks confidence in her magic abilities, but Takeo tells her that since she puts 100% in all that she tries, she has to be successful in the end. The eyeballs from the Bell surround them and the two make a subtle getaway from the schoolyard. Meanwhile, Nanaka finds Aburatsubo in the magic club room. He suggests that they do something "fun": they ride a broomstick side-saddle through the hallways of the empty school ;) a really cute scene. Sae and Nanaka walk home from school and they have a little discussion regarding the Takeo-Aburatsubo-Nanaka triangle. Sae gets home and makes dinner for her sister who's apparently clueless when it comes to cooking! Minoma and Yoshimoto visit Akane hoping to learn more about the Bell and its purpose on Earth. During their conversation, Minoma declares himself Akane's "protector." She also reveals her ability to read others' minds, even the Bell's. After this mind-reading episode, Akane warns the other magic users NOT to use magic; otherwise they risk detection and "eternal freezing" by the Bell. Jeff-kun (Sae's teddy bear) subtly flips the pages of Sae's picture diary to a certain page to tell her something. The same evening, Nanaka calls Sae to tell her she's decided to confess her feelings to Aburatsubo after school the next day.

Throughout the following day, Sae is more nervous than Nanaka is about the upcoming confession, but Nanaka reassures Sae that she'll be all right. After Nanaka confesses her feelings, Aburatsubo replies that he loves her too for a reason: she loves him even though she knows that he loves Takeo and even though he never looks her way. For that quality of character, Aburatsubo loves Nanaka. It's a pretty heartfelt moment for both of them. Meanwhile, Sae's in the gym locker room worried about Nanaka. She's holding Jeff-kun when suddenly the bear starts to glow. As a result, a flying copter sent by the Bell captures Sae. Takeo runs to Sae's rescue, but his best efforts to break the copter's hold on Sae are unsuccessful. He manages to rip off the robot's arm, but the arm itself flies off toward the Bell. Takeo holds onto Sae's foot and ends up flying toward the Bell as well. Just as he's trying to tell Sae that he loves her, he loses his grip on her sock and falls back toward the schoolyard, making an EXTREMELY painful landing on the school fence.. ouch! Sae is flown off to the Bell while Nanaka, Takeo, Aburatsubo, and all the students look on in the schoolyard.

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