Mini MTT! Shrine

MTT! stands for Mahou Tsukai Tai! Not a really big shrine, but I wanted to put up some pictures that I haven't seen elsewhere on the web. They come from the MTT! OST CD booklet and jacket. Click on the pics to get the full versions. Enjoy!

Here's the front cover of the CD booklet showing our 5 magic club members. Clockwise from top right: Takeo, Sae, Akane, Nanaka, and Ayanojou.

Here's the back of the CD jacket with scenes from the OP credits.

Here's the inside of the CD booklet with lyrics to the OP and ED songs plus scenes from the OP and ED credits.

For a list of the 30 tracks from the OST, click here. (For the lyrics to the ED song "Mata Ashita," please click here. This is for the version used in the OVA, not the full version from the CD.)

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