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WARNING: Spoilers ahead!! If you don't want to know what happens please don't read any further!

Mahou Tsukai Tai! Episode 6 Summary

Takeo, Aburatsubo, Nanaka, and Akane are assembled in the magic club room. They try displacement magic to bring Sae back. They argue over who should be displaced to the Bell in order to get her back. Takeo claims that he should be the one to go since he's the club president, but from Aburatsubo's inquiry it's apparent that he wants to go for another reason :) Minoma and Yoshimoto stop by and Minoma volunteers successfully for the job. At first the experiment is successful; then Minoma and the other four are ALL transported to the Bell, while Sae is transported back to where Yoshimoto is waiting. Minoma and the other four survey the Bell. Nanaka notices that Sae left Jeff-kun behind and picks up the bear. Takeo has ANOTHER hallucination about the people around him. Later, Akane hears the voice of the Bell because she's still strongly synchronized with it. Meanwhile, Sae decides to try rescuing the others in the Bell. After heading home to change into her magic club uniform, she realizes with Jeff-kun's help that the geometric shape that gives her the strongest magical output is a helical spiral. It's the page in her picture diary that Jeff-kun had left lying on her table in the last episode. Elsewhere, Miyama is using the media to communicate her belief that she should have been chosen by the Bell, not Sae. No one's aware that Sae's left the Bell except the other members of the magic club, Minoma, and Yoshimoto. In the schoolyard (could also be an empty parking lot), Sae is drawing a gigantic spiral. Once she's done, she tries to focus her magic on helping the five stuck in the bell.


Takeo declares that using humans for broomsticks are the only way that they'll be able to fly around to get a better look around the Bell. This has Aburatsubo thrilled to no end! Akane and Nanaka ride on Minoma, while Takeo rides on Aburatsubo. However, the Bell takes away their magic wands and they all fall into a net. Sae, meanwhile, flies directly up into the Bell to save her friends, but only after a tug of war with Yoshimoto over her broomstick. Back inside the Bell, the five hear Sae's voice as she flies upward into the heart of the Bell. The flying copters chase after Sae. When things start looking pretty bad for her, Nanaka drops Jeff-kun down to Sae, allowing her to use her full magic potential. Basically, Sae turns the Bell into a mystical looking forest with flowers. Sae meets back up with the Master Magician whom she'd met as a little girl when she first got Jeff-kun. He tells her that she's had the power of magic all along inside her and just needed to believe in herself (big surprise huh?). The magician tells her to go save her "special person." With a renewed sense of confidence, Sae heads off to save her friends. Takeo tells Sae that she's got nothing to worry about now that she's a full-fledged magician. She frees the five people, but it starts raining broomsticks! In any case, they all land safely courtesy of the huge broomstick that Sae creates with her magic.

All over Tokyo, it's raining cherry blossom petals. The Bell finally leaves Tokyo and Earth forever, proclaiming Earth an uninhabitable planet and that the cost of an invasion of Earth would be too high for it. Minoma and Yoshimoto continue mulling over the whole business of the Bell, while Miyama notes that magic is one thing she could do without. The five club members also go on with their lives. Akane's still being pestered by persistent guys and uses Nanaka as a means of escaping them. Sae catches up with the two girls, and all three catch up with Takeo and Aburatsubo who are trying to figure out a magic spell to stop the petals from raining on Earth. And Aburatsubo just never gives up on Takeo!

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