Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence at MIT

Robots and Beyond

Robots and Beyond shares the results of decades of Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation at MIT.

You're invited to explore the ideas that shaped the way AI and the birth of robotics are synonymous with research at MIT.

The world’s first AI research group began at MIT in 1959. Today, the Computer Science and AI Lab, CSAIL, is the largest laboratory on campus.

Robots and Beyond gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the inventive concepts and processes that lead MIT's AI labs to great contributions in many areas including medicine, underwater exploration, and entertainment.

You'll learn about tele-operated surgical robots, robotic legs, and socially intelligent humanoid robots that interact with their environments in human-like ways. You'll see prototypes and other media that trace the evolution of some of MIT's resident robots, including Kismet, Cog, and RoboTuna!

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