Nikhil Naik

I am a Prize Fellow at Harvard University. Previously, I was a PhD student at MIT. I develop algorithms based on computer vision, machine learning, and crowdsourcing that harness digital data to obtain measures of the built environment and populations at an unprecedented resolution and scale. With collaborators in social sciences, I have used these measures to study important research and policy questions. During my PhD, I have worked at Google, Microsoft Research, and Samsung Research America.



  • (10/16) Invited talk on Visual Urban Sensing at the Center for Effective Global Action, UC Berkeley.
  • (10/16) Presented our work on Global Urban Perception at the European Conference on Computer Vision in Amsterdam.
  • (09/16) Presented at the Digital Economics Conference organized by Microsoft Research, New York.
  • (07/16) Gave a talk at the Summer Institute organized by the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • (07/16) Presented my work on Streetscore and urban change detection at the Machine Perception Seminar at Google Research.
  • (05/16) Won the Star Family Challenge Award for Scientific Research of $100K with Edward Glaeser and Scott Kominers.