Nikhil Naik

I am a Ph.D student at the MIT Media Lab. I work on computer vision and computational imaging. My recent work has focused on undertanding cities using computer vision. I have also worked on applications of time-of-flight and 3D imaging. I have done summer internships at Microsoft Research with the Interactive Visual Media group and at Samsung Research America with the Think Tank Team.

When I am not in the lab, I like playing ping-pong, reading about history and economics, and following cricket, the sport.



  • (10/15) Presented the work on urban change detection at CODE Conference.
  • (10/15) Our work on urban change detection from Street View images appears as an NBER Working Paper.
  • (07/15) Our work on applications of Streetscore for urban economics was accepted in the Papers and Proceedings of the American Economic Review.
  • (03/15) My summer internship work at Microsoft Research on reducing errors in time-of-flight imaging was accepted for publication at CVPR 2015!
  • (11/14) Invited presentation at the Boston Mayor's Office on Streetscore.
  • (10/14) Invited talk at Boston Properties University on Streetscore. They did a great job with producing the video!
  • (09/14) Our JOSA A paper on imaging through diffusers was featured in a special issue of VJBO.
  • (09/14) Invited talk on Streetscore at the MIT City Science workshop.
  • (09/14) Streetscore was presented at the Bay Area Vision Meeting.
  • (10/14) Co-hosted Abhimanyu Dubey from IIT Delhi as an intern. He was featured in a blog post on our group website.
  • (09/14) Finished my internship at Microsoft Research with Sing Bing Kang. Back to MIT!