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2003 Award Winners

John Dawson Prize

(for pioneering advances to plasma physics obtained through simulations)

Prof. C. K. (Ned) Birdsall and Dr. A. Bruce Langdon for their pioneering work and leadership in constructing the systematic scientific framework for particle simulation of plasmas and for their numerous significant contributions to plasma physics arising from simulations.

Oscar Buneman Awards

Best Animation

P.J.Mardahl, K.L.Cartwright, A.D.Greenwood, T.Murphy, M.D.Haworth, M.Lopez
High power microwave tube verification and design using the ICEPIC 3D parallel, electromagnetic PIC code

Best Still Image

V.I.Sotnikov, B.S.Bauer, J.N.Leboeuf, P.Hellinger, P.Travnicek, V.Fiala
Hybrid Simulations of Z-pinches

Best Graduate Student Presentations

Best Student Talk

Jorge Carretero, MIT
Numerical Simulation of a Colloidal Thruster in the Mixed Ion-Droplet Regime

Best Student Poster Presentation

Justin Koo, U. Michigan
Computational Modeling of a Hall Thruster



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