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Scope of Simulation Science

A US-Japan Simulation Workshop

A US-Japan workshop on "Scope of Simulation Science" will be held in conjunction with this conference, as has been a tradition at previous conferences. The workshop aims to shed light on simulation science as a new methodology of science and to discuss the prospect of simulation science in the coming future. The workshop organizers are Dr. O. Batishchev (MIT, for the US and Dr. R. Horiuchi (NIFS, for Japan, with assistance from Dr. J.N. Leboeuf (UCLA) and Dr. V. Decyk (UCLA).

This workshop is a part of the exchange program sponsored by the US-Japan Joint Institute for Fusion Theory (JIFT). For more information about this workshop, please contact either of the organizers. For information about the JIFT exchange program, please contact Dr. J. Van Dam (



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