Experiments in Robotic Catching


Experiments in Robotic Catching, B.M. Hove and J.J.E. Slotine, Proceedings of the 1991 American Control Conference, Vol. 1, Boston, MA, pp. 380-385, June 1991.


Real-time coordination of visual information with high speed manipulator control is studied in the specific context of three-dimensional robotic catching. All path-planning for the catch occurs in real-time during the half-second that the targeted object is airborne. We use a trajectory-matching algorithm that combines an observer with a varying-strength filter, an error estimator, and an initial motion algorithm. The results are demonstrated experimentally using a real-time vision system and a four-degree-of-freedom, cable-driven arm with a workspace of 4.2 cubic meters and speed capabilities of up to 2.0 m/s.

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