The MIT Observer

The MIT Observer is a newspaper designed for both the MIT faculty and student communities. It is published biweekly and distributed around the MIT campus.

Year One, Issue One -- Sept. 3, 1997

Bullet  Moniz Nominated as Undersecretary of Energy
Bullet  MIT Extropians Anger Many
Bullet  MIT Ranked Sixth in U.S. News
Bullet  Professor of Anthropology Martin Diskin Dead
Bullet  ComElectric Worker Still Hospitalized
Bullet  Liberty Cafe, Frequented by MIT Students, Closes
Bullet  Williams to Appoint New Director of Career Services
Bullet  Expanded Student Services Center Opens Smoothly
Bullet  MIT Involved in Brief to Supreme Court Supporting Affirmative Action
Bullet  Comraderie Among Women Makes Musicianship a Warmer Experience
Bullet  EDITORIAL: A Newspaper for The MIT Community
Bullet  Op-Ed: Dean Rosalind Williams
Bullet  Op-Ed: Professor Henry Jenkins
Bullet  Op-Ed: Dean Rosalind Williams
Bullet  SCIENCE:Ediacara


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