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Product Perspective

Hephaestus is intended to define a development methodology beginning with the requirements phase (the end of necessity) and continuing through to the release phase (see Figure 1). It will not describe the product lifecycle outside of those stages, but will fully define the lifecycle between those stages. As appropriate, Hephaestus will suggest guidelines or possibilities for other stages, particularly with respect to integration. For example, while Hephaestus will not address support, it will address developing products that are supportable.

The Hephaestus Process does not stand alone. First, it depends on a well defined Scope Statement to begin. Second, it does not strongly determine who should be assigned to any given project; it requires that the staffing and resource needs for a project have somehow been decided.

It is not completely clear at this time how the Hephaestus Process will fit into the I/T Transformation. Both are a bit vague at this time. In terms of the I/T processes, Hephaestus appears to fall largely into the I/T Delivery Process. Since Hephaestus does not determine staffing, it leaves room for the I/T Competency Group system to address this issue.

Figure 1: A possible breakdown of a product lifecycle. Lines in italics denote aspects of the lifecycle covered by the Hephaestus Process.

Biciunas, Delgado, Fields, Lewis