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General Degree Requirements

Writing Examination/English Evaluation Test

The Operations Research Center, in cooperation with the MIT Writing Program and the Foreign Languages and Literature Section, administers both a Writing Skills Examination and an English Evaluation Test. All incoming students to the interdepartmental program in Operations Research whose native language is English are required to take the Writing Exam; all incoming students whose native language is not English are required to take the English Evaluation Test. These exams are administered at the beginning of the student's program and evaluate students' writing skills and, if necessary, assigns specific course work to ensure development of adequate writing skills.

Computer Literacy Requirement(s)

All graduate students at the Operations Research Center must fulfill a computer literacy requirement.

Master's Degree

Master's degree candidates must take a basic computer programming course such as the subjects:

  • 1.001 (Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving)
  • 6.034 (Artificial Intelligence)
  • 6.037 (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)

The student may take an approved equivalent course or may waive the requirement by completing an ORC Waiver Form (demonstrating that the subject has been taken elsewhere - with a transcript - or by demonstrating to an instructor that s/he is competent in the subject. The Waiver is submitted to the ORC Codirectors for approval. Students are required to take this subject during their first year at MIT.

The subjects units of the computer literacy course cannot be used to satisfy the minimum 66-course-unit requirement for the SM program.

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral degree candidates must take a basic computer programming course such as 1.001.
Some additional courses that will satisfy the computer programming requirements are:

  • 1.124J/2.091J/ESD.51J - Software and Computation for Simulation
  • 1.264J/ESD.264J - Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies
  • 15.564 - IT Essentials II: Advanced Technologies for Digital Business in the Knowledge Economy

Students are required to take the first-level subject during their first year at MIT.

If both the advisor and the student believe that they student has had sufficient background to waive the requirement, then the student should complete a "Waiver Request Form" explaining the reason for the waiver. The granting of the waiver lies with the OR Center Codirectors.

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