javaOMAC is a second generation prototyping and development tool for interactive material focused on mathematical relationships. Developed by Cambridge Modeling Corporation in 1998-99, javaOMAC is based on over eight years of experience building interactive teaching tools. The first generation (OMAC) was used to develop several dozen modules used by a number of schools. The topics covered a variety of topics ranging from Grade 5 lessons for physics to advanced models for graduate courses in Operations Management. OMAC modules have been used in the classroom and in student labs since January 1994. A description of OMAC can be found in:

  • McKay K.N., Kletter D. and S.C. Graves (1997), OMAC: A System For Operations Modeling and Analysis, Annals of OR, (Interface between IS and OR. Part II. Systems for Models), Ramesh R. and H.R. Rao (eds), vol. 72, pp.241-264.
  • The initial prototypes of the javaOMAC modules found in the repository were each developed with one to two days of programming effort.