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Masters Theses: 1980s

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  • Bendixen, Lisa - Probability Assessment: Issues of Implementation, September 1980
  • Brown, Richard - A Method for Sensitivity Analysis of L.P. Decomposition Equilibrium, with Application to the Copper Industry, February 1980
  • Habib, Frances - Investigating Convergence of a Capacity Planning Model Using Generalized Bender's Decomposition, September 1980
  • Hook, Jack - Market Impacts of Price Regulation in Automobile Insurance, February 1980
  • Lamar, Bruce W. -Optimal Machine Selection and Task Assignment in An Assembly System Design Problem, September 1980
  • Oum, Jai Y. -Harmonic Transformations and Gradient Curves, September 1980
  • Perakis, Anastassions N. - A New Probabilistic Detection Model for Phase Random Ocean Acoustic Fluctuations and its Comparison with Data, February 1980


  • Guillamon-Duch, Higinio - The Economics of Low Temperature, Liquid-Dominated Hydrothermal Resources, February 1981
  • Morgan, Kelly B. - The Incorporation of Uncertainty in the Air Pollution Regulation Process, September 1981
  • Quek, Ser Aik - Diagnostics for Econometric Models, September 1981
  • Stabile, Debra - The Design of Information Structures: Basic Allocation Strategies for Organization, September 1981


  • Bardenstein, Ruth - Optimization of Water Resource Projects with Renewable Resources and Multiple Energy Production: The Mediterranean Sea Project to Produce Hydroelectric and Soar Power, June 1982
  • Josa, Charles -An Heuristic Decision Procedure for a Precedence Constrained Single-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem, February 1982
  • O'Rourke, Paul F. - A Physically A Based Model of the Space conditioning Load Under Spot, February, 1982
  • Richardson, James - Regulating Automobile Insurance Residual Markets: A Policy for Controlling the Size of the Pool in Selected Risk Classes, June 1982
  • Schaack, Christian - Using the Kth Nearest Neighbor Clustering Procedure to Determine the Number of Subpopulations, June 1982
  • Ser, Shu - Analysis of Automatic Vehicle Location Systems Operating in Systems, June 1982


  • Brewster, Silvano - Optimal Regulators Designed for Implementation on Computationally Limited Computers, February 1983
  • Magonet-Neray, Robin C. - Optimal Ship Positions for Naval Battle Group Defense Problems, September 1983
  • Puente-Angulo, Carlos E. - A Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Random Field Estimators, June 1983
  • Roege, William - Pilot Scheduling in a Fighter Squadron, February 1983
  • Tsai, Christopher L. - Procurement Planning for Reusable Inventory Systems, September 1983


  • Arcila Agudelo, Adriana - A Model to Provide Transportation Services for the Elderly and Handicapped, June 1984
  • Chen, Gloria Hiu-Lai - Information Theoretic Models of Preprocessors and Decision Aids, June 1984
  • Leong, Poh Leng - Multi attribute Queuing Theory, June 1984
  • Singhal, Vijay M. - Point-to-Point Package Delivery Systems, September 1984
  • Smith, Brian - Coordinated Air Defense, June 1984


  • Chapman, Paul T. - Optimal Production Capacity in a Two Stage Subject to Production Failure, February 1985
  • Cox, Jr. Louis A. - Risk Attribution in the Presence of Joint Causes, February, 1985
  • Hiller, Randall - Computer-Aided Planning: A Decision Support Concept for the Corporate Planning Domain, June 1985
  • Ho, Ping - The Application of the Cross Impact Analysis to Technological Change, September 1985
  • Lee, I-Jen -Stationary Markovian Queuing Systems: An Approximation for the Transient Expected Queue Length, June 1985
  • Richetta, Romano - Color Graphics for Interactive Optimization of the Hypercube Queuing Model, June 1985


  • Berman, Douglas - The Manned Space Station Power System: An Operational Scheduler, September 1986
  • Calamaro, Jean-Paul - Implementation of a Multistage Production Planning Systems, February 1986
  • Cheatham, John - Analyzing Service Industries with Applied Quantitative Methods, June 1986
  • Eckstein, Jonathan - Routing Methods for Twin-Trailer Trucks, June 1986
  • Huelskamp, Robert M. - Aiding USAF/UPT Aircrew Scheduling Using Network flow Models, June 1986
  • Kee, Jacqueline - Dispatch Strategies for Some Unusual Bulk Service Queues, June 1986
  • Marge, Charles - Explaining Optimal Solutions to Assignment and Transportation Problems, June 1986
  • Newton, Elizabeth A.C. - A Clustering Method for Group Viral Samples Based on Antibody Binding Activity, June 1986
  • Parekh, Abhay K.J. - Minimizing the Number of Clusters in Mobile Packet Radio Networks, February 1986
  • Schiodtz, Paul G. - Competitive Price, Position, and Advertising Strategies, June 1986
  • Wagner, Janet M. - Reliability of Water Distribution Systems, February 1986
  • Wan, Deborah - Locating New Facilities on a Multi activity, Multi-level Network, June 1986


  • Aslidis, Anastasios Haralampos - Management of Technological Change in the Shipbuilding Industry: A Learning Curve Approach, June 1987
  • Bertsimas, Dimitris - An Analytic Approach to a General Class of G/G/s Queuing Systems, February, 1987
  • Chan, Ga-Yin (Leo) - INGRID: An Interactive Color Graphics Interface for Dispatch of Emergency Vehicles, June 1987
  • Emami, Kayvan - An Investigation of Time Dependent Queues with Priorities, September 1987
  • Emami, Neda - Analysis of Duality Constructions for Variable Dimension Fixed Point Algorithms, September 1987
  • Higgins, Mary-Kay - Airline Safety: A Comparative Analysis, February 1987
  • Lee, Anthony - Nested Decomposition Methods for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling, June 1987
  • Parrish, Scott H. - Extensions to a Model for Tactical Planning in a job Shop Environment, June 1987
  • Redfield, Carol Holmes - Equipment Selection and Task Assignment for Multi product Assembly System Design, February, 1987
  • Shell, Martin C. - Decision Horizons in Multi-Stage Optimization Models: An Analysis of Methods for the Minimization of End-of-Horizon Errors, February, 1987


  • Badekas, Paris - Mathematical Modeling of En route of ATC Intervention Rates, June 1988
  • Berger, llana - Shipping Strategies in Multi modal Networks Exhibiting Economies, June 1988
  • Loiederman, Eric - A Planning Tool for Predicting En Route ATC Conflicts and Designing ATC Sectors, September 1988
  • Louvet-Boutant, Anne-Claire - The Bounded Rationality Constraint: Experimental and Analytical Results, June 1988
  • Mihara, Shoichiro - A Tactical Model for a Job Shop with Unreliable Work Stations and Capacity Constraints, February 1988
  • Polychronopoulos, George - Solution of Some Problems in Decentralized Detection by a Large Number of Sensors, June 1988
  • Sabanogulu Kohen, Jinet - The Economics of Product Design: A Model and An Application, June 1988
  • Saias, Isaac I. - Study of Probabilistic Noise in One Dimensional Images, June 1988
  • Srinivasan, K.V. (Cheena) - Effect of Consumer Categorization Behavior on New Product Sales Forecasting, June 1988
  • Sy-Quia, lll, Gonzalo - A Study of Production Loading in a Job Shop, September 1988


  • Alston, Andrew - An Integrated System for Tracking of Landmarks on Video Data: TOMAS the Torsional Ocular Movement Analysis System, June 1989
  • Amblard, Guillaume P. - Rationale for the Use of Subassemblies in Production Systems: A Comparative Look at Sequential and Arborescent Systems, June 1989
  • Ballman, Karla V. - Screening U.S. Donated Blood for HIV, February 1989
  • Bespolka, Carl G. - A Framework for Multiple Attribute Evaluation in Electric Utility Planning, June 1989
  • Caulkins, Jonathan - Inventory And The Strategic Value of Product-Flexible Manufacturing Systems, February 1989
  • Dickey, Lynn - Where Should Safety Stock Be Held to Minimize Costs and Maximize Flexibility, June 1989
  • Fouska, Nikoletta - Optimal Location of Discretional Service Facilities on a Network, June 1989
  • Fujiwara, Tsuneo - Solving the Schedule Transition Problems Using Optimization Techniques, June 1989
  • Ingco, Divinagracia I. - Network Design Problems for Improving Facility Locations, June 1989
  • Lin Carrie - Analysis of Open Loop Manufacturing Systems, February 1989
  • Pappu, Suguna - A Dual-Ascent Algorithm for Finding an Assembly Test Strategy, September 1989
  • Schreibman, Ruth - Structural-Equation Modeling of the Sources of Market Pioneer Advantages: an Empirical Analysis of the Consumer Goods Industry, June 1989
  • Valdivieso, Teresa - Discrete Choice Analysis of Demand for Optional Telephone Calling Features, February 1989
  • Venkatakrishnan, C.S. - Sentencing Changes and Prison Population: The Transient Effects, February 1989
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