Random Zsigs in Xzewd

The signature command can be used to produce a simple random zsig generator. All you need is a file of signatures and a shell script which picks one of them at random. Here's a sample perl(1) script which you can use to pick a one-line zsig from the file ~/.zsigs.
open(ZSIGS, "$ENV{'HOME'}/.zsigs");
@zsigs = <ZSIGS>;
srand(time() % $$ + time());
print $zsigs[rand() * ($#zsigs + 1)];
To use this script, save it in a file in your home directory; say you decided to call it ~/randomzsigs. After you create your ~/.zsigs file, type this into an xterm:
chmod +x ~/randomzsigs
This will make the script executable. Finally, in xzewd, pop up the Signature dialog, and turn on the Use Command button. In the Command box, type "/mit/your username/randomzsigs", then click on Save. You're all set!