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In MIT News:

Projecting the impacts of climate change

Charting gas and oil's future in a decarbonizing world

Mapping out a low-carbon future

Enabling China to shift from coal to natural gas

What’s the best way for Europe to curb greenhouse emissions from cars?

Even if the Paris Agreement is implemented, food and water supplies remain at risk

Meeting climate goals through international carbon markets

Climate policy in developing countries: Does one size fit all?

Study provides scenarios for assessing long-term benefits of climate action

Are we entering a golden age of natural gas trade?

Regulations only a first step in cutting emissions

Uncovering the Costs of Climate Mitigation

Current efforts not enough to prevent climate consequences

Evaluating the risks of natural gas

MIT researchers win Pyke Johnson Award

'Fugitive' methane from shale gas production less than previously thought

Getting the price right on climate

China’s actions are crucial on climate change

Growing population will increase global climate challenges

Financial impacts of ‘cap and trade’

The Costs of Climate Change Legislation

How to limit risk of climate catastrophe

Climate Change Odds

MIT model compares environmental, economic effects of emissions bills

In IIASA Options Magazine:

Communicating science-based pathways to policymakers

IIASA article in PDF format

In ZEW News:

ZEW and MIT Present Joint Project Results in Brussels

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