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Axiomatic Design of Machine Control System

by Kwangduk D. Lee, Nam P. Suh, Jae-Hyuk Oh

2001  |  Link to full document (228K PDF)


Machine control system development typically relies on the developerís experience and trial-and-error. This ad hoc approach can undermine the very success of the system development, with a lengthy and costly development period and, possibly, an endless cycle of upgrade and maintenance. The resulting system also lacks the interchangeability and reusability. This paper presents the framework based on Axiomatic Design for the systematic design and implementation of machine control systems. It structures a complex control system and guides the design and development of its subcomponents. Various levels of system design issues are addressed in this structural approach. Based on the methodology presented in this paper, a control system for an industrial scale Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP) machine has been developed.

Link to full document (228K PDF)

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