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Our research strives to understand complexity by developing its fundamental aspects and applying them to a wide variety of systems.

Cost Engineering for Complex Systems

This research focuses of developing a logical framework and systematic process, based on Axiomatic Design, to achieve effective cost engineering and change management.

Systems Biology using Axiomatic Design and Complexity Theory

One of the goals of systems biology is to understand the functions of a biological system in terms of the behavior and interactions of its molecular constituents.

Axiomatic Design of Customizable Automotive Suspension Systems

We have proposed, designed and fabricated a novel customizable automotive suspension system with independent control of stiffness, damping and ride-height.

Nanostructured Surfaces for Improved Hemocompatability

This research is aimed at extending the effect of nano-structuring from the fluid domian to the bio-chemical domain.

Axiomatic Design of I. C. Engines

This project deals with the application of Axiomatic Design and Complexity Theory to propose design changes in internal-combustion engines to improve engine efficiency and reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

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