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Photo of I.C. Engine

The Park Center is
proposing design changes
in internal-combustion engines to improve efficiency and reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

Axiomatic Design of I. C. Engines

This project deals with the application of Axiomatic Design and Complexity Theory to propose design changes in internal-combustion engines to improve engine efficiency and reduce hydrocarbon emissions. This project consists of the following three components:

  1. A unique rotary valve design has been proposed and a prototype fabricated as a low-cost alternative to poppet valves to reduce engine friction associated with valves and throttle.
  2. Higher emissions result during cold start due to incomplete vaporization of fuel, use of a richer mixture and ineffectiveness of catalytic converters at low temperatures. A novel fuel trap concept has been proposed to minimize hydrocarbon emissions during an engine cold-start. Ongoing work involves design and fabrication of a proof of concept experimental set-up.
  3. Investigation on a high performance fuel injector by use of thermodynamic instability in fuel/gas mixture. This project involves dissolving a gas in a fuel at high pressures and using the thermodynamic instability for improved atomization of fuel during cold start for reduced hydrocarbon emissions. Ongoing work involves modeling of the instability and design and fabrication of an experimental set-up.
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