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Beyond the hierarchy: System-wide Rearrangement as a Tool to Eliminate Iteration

by Melvin, Jason W. and Suh, Nam P.

June 10, 2002  |  Link to full document (825K PDF)


A primary tenet of axiomatic design theory is the first axiom, stating that independence of functional requirements should be maintained throughout the design process. As the high level requirements are decomposed into greater detail, and information added to the design with the goal of creating a realizable system, the designer creates subsystems that satisfy the first axiom. While higher level decisions imply an intent that should be maintained as detail is added, this is often not done. When a system is designed that results in some unintended interactions between design elements, it is possible to achieve a non-iterative design process by rearranging the leaf level elements as a collective set. This is shown for a subset of elements from the design of a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) machine tool.

Link to full document (825K PDF)

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