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Novel Design of a Rotary Valve using Axiomatic Design

by Robert (Beto) Bilgor Peliks

June, 2005  |  Link to full document (4040K PDF)


Rotary valves have existed for millennia; and while they have developed tremendously since the first Roman valves, many of the same problems have persisted. The basic problems are caused by the coupling of functional requirements, which limits the valve’s performance. Using axiomatic design (AD), two of these couplings, including the coupling of the friction-sealing FRs, are studied and resolved. Although more work can be done to improve the patent-pending designs, the concepts presented represent advancements over existing rotary valve designs. The proposed designs have been analyzed for their merits as a valve and for their potential applications, such as in automotive engines.

Link to full document (4040K PDF)

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