60th Birthday Celebration Symposium
"Trajectories and Friends"

Session C: Short Talks

  1. Mehran Kardar, "A generalization of Earnshaw's theorem to fluctuating charges"
  2. Alexis Falicov, "Metastatic spine tumors and quality of life measurements"
  3. Daniel Aalberts, "Loopy entropically-driven order"
  4. John Marko, "Free energy of topologically constrained polymers"
  5. Roland Netz and Hirofumi Wada, "DNA rotational dynamics  far from equilibrium"
  6. Alkan Kabakçıoğlu, "Thermal denaturation of circular DNA through supercoil formation"
  7. Michael Hinczewski, "Dynamics of DNA: experimental controversies and theoretical insights"
  8. S. Jamal Rahi, "Melting of Persistent Double-Stranded Polymers"
  9. Cihan Nadir Kaplan, "Theory of Liquid Crystalline Membranes"
  10. Sondan Durukanoğlu, "Phonons in Copper nanowires under Tension"
  11. Can Guven, "TRG method, applied to disordered systems"
  12. Ozan Sarıyer, "Global Phase Diagram of the Spinless Falicov-Kimball Model in d = 3: Renormalization-Group Theory"
  13. Ongun Ozcelik, "Hubbard Model with Hard-Core Fermions and Bosons: Global Phase Diagrams in d=3 with the Renormalization-Group Method"
  14. Burcu Yücesoy, "Superfluid networks with mesoscopic structure as models of supersolid 4He"
  15. Joseph Indekeu, "Biased percolation on scale free networks"
  16. Miron Kaufman, "Hybrid Defect Phase Transition"