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Research Groups

Ashoori Group

For the complete article featuring this work, see Search & Discovery in Physics Today, September 2007

Benedek Group

Diagramatic representation of aelotopic (highly anisotropic) interactions between proteins. These interactions can be very important in determining phase boundries of protein solutions.

Gedik Group

Greytak Group

Hudson Group

STM reveals multiple layers of complexity in high temperature superconductors. Behind the topography, revealing locations of atoms, lie an inhomogeneous gap distribution, low energy states generated by impurities, and checkerboard charge order

Jarillo-Herrero Group

Kastner Group

Lee Group

van Oudenaarden Group

Living systems are intrinsically noisy. Surprisingly, the functioning of a living organism is not significantly hindered by these random fluctuations. Biological cells can even exploit noise by deliberately introducing diversity into a population. In these cases noise is not a nuisance, but essential for survival. Advances in modern biochemistry and genetics have led to a detailed understanding of the molecular machinery involved in gene expression, and the constant flow of data from the Genome Project has enabled the identification of more and more genes. A millennial challenge is to quantitatively understand how different genes and their regulating proteins are grouped together in genetic circuits, and how stochastic fluctuations influence gene expression in these complex systems. In our group we focus on the importance of noise in the expression of genes by using both experimental and theoretical approaches.

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