Opening Session: Campus, State, and Federal Perspective
Moderator: Martin Schmidt, MIT Provost, AMP 2.0 Technical Co-Lead

Welcome: L. Rafael Reif, MIT President and AMP 2.0 Co-Chair

Commonwealth Goals & Plans for Advanced Manufacturing: Gregory Bialecki, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary of Housing & Economic Development

Federal Perspective: Phillip Singerman, Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

MIT Innovation Initiative: Fiona Murray, Associate Dean for Innovation; Faculty Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship


Plenary Session: Innovative Cross-Cutting Manufacturing Technology Relevant to Our Region

Moderator: Krystyn Van Vliet, MIT Faculty Co-Lead for AMP 2.0, Associate Professor, Departments of Materials Science & Engineering and of Biological Engineering

  • Digital Manufacturing, Visualization & Informatics

    Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Professor and Director of Center for Bits and Atoms

    Brenan McCarragher, Director for Research and Development at The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

    David Rich, Director of Marketing, The MathWorks, Inc.

  • Advanced Sensing, Measurement & Process Control

    David E. Hardt, Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    James Watkins, Professor, Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, University of Massachusetts

    Tariq Samad, Corporate Fellow, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions

  • Advanced Materials Manufacturing

    Vladimir Bulovic, Founder, QD Vision, Inc., MIT Professor of Emerging Technology and Associate Dean for Innovation

    Julie Chen, University of Massachusetts-Lowell Vice Provost for Research; Professor, Co-Director of the Advanced Composite Materials & Textiles Laboratory

    Donald R. Sadoway, MIT John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry, and Chief Scientific Advisor, Ambri

  • Industrial Robotics

Mick Mountz, Founder and CEO, Kiva Systems

Julie Shah, MIT Assistant Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Andre Sharon, Professor and Director of the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation at Boston University

Advanced Manufacturing in Our Regional Economy:
The Honorable Edward J. Markey, U.S. Senator for Massachusetts


Plenary Session: Growing Advanced Manufacturing Companies to Scale
Moderator: Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Director, MIT Industrial Performance Center

Noubar Afeyan, Founder, Managing Partner and CEO, Flagship Ventures

Philip Giudice, Chef Executive Officer, Ambri

Mike Majors, Investment Partner, Siemens Venture Capital

Gary P. Pisano, Harry E. Figgie Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Phillip Singerman, Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)