Production in the Innovation Economy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The PIE study is being carried out in three phases:
Phase 1: Initial Research and Search for Successful Examples
Phase 2: Analysis of Enablers and Policy Recommendations
Phase 3: Detailed follow-up analysis and Publication of Results

The findings of the PIE study will be disseminated in a number of ways. The following is a list of products that will be generated by PIE:

1. Final Report

This report will summarize the findings and key policy recommendations from the entire two-year effort and will also appear as a book. The book will contain an in-depth analysis of barriers and enablers of a more vigorous Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE) system in the U.S. and will quantify geographical cluster performance and potential employment implications.

2. MIT Lecture Series

We will initiate and sponsor an MIT lecture series on Production in the Innovation Economy. The lecture series will be dedicated to issues linking innovation and manufacturing and will invite world-renowned scholars, industrialists and government officials to express their views on this issue. We expect to host about 12 lectures in total, which will all be posted on MIT World ( and linked from the interactive website. The lecture series will begin in Fall 2011 and will be co-sponsored with the Department of Political Science.

3. Video Film

We will produce a video film of about 15-20 minutes in length to distill the key messages and findings and to make those available to a broad audience, including the younger generations who increasingly obtain information and form their opinions via digital media.

4. Working Paper Series