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If you are a builder, there has never been a better time to be alive. We live in an age of wonders, when a designer in almost any engineering field can find a dizzying assortment of tools, materials, components,and construction technologies. Our palette for building offers the richest array of choices. The opportunities to learn more, dream more, build more, and be more will continue to grow and challenge you throughout your career with unprecedented intensity.

This subject is a chance to remember why you came to MIT: to learn and to build.

This course is a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of understanding and designing electronics. We will make use of the spectacular new Cypress Engineering Design Studio in EECS, where you will learn to use the laser cutter, thermoformer, soldering systems, and other modern fabrication tools. This course provides you with the opportunity to experience the magical aspects of applying physics to electrical product design. We will make systems like electronic musical instruments, laser audio communication modules, and feedback-controlled LED lighting systems. You keep what you build. Our goal is to introduce you to a palette of tools, techniques, and thought processes that let you build anything you can imagine, so that it works first, works right, and works to win.

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MIT is committed to ensuring a welcoming and accessible experience for all students, and this class is no exception! Please see here.