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POPI was founded in April 1991 with a major grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to promote research and teaching in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This multidisciplinary research program is led by faculty from the MIT Schools of Science, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Management. Participating faculty and graduate students include those with expertise in the fields of biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, economics, medicine, and the management sciences.

Some of the current research projects being conducted are strategic management of research and development; measuring health outcomes adjusted pharmaceutical price changes; pharmaceutical profitability; and the strategic role of manufacturing.

The pharmaceutical industry is global, dynamic and successful. It plays a major role in translating scientific discovery to improved healthcare. The industry is evolving continuously in the face of an elucidation of the molecular basis of disease, compliance with regulations and the demands of healthcare cost containment. A better understanding of this industry, its structure, technology and the determinants of its competitiveness should help to strengthen it and assure its future success.

We seek to:
  • Establish close working relationships between our faculty and students and those working in the industry. 
  • Conduct research into the factors that drive, constrain and enhance the performance and competitiveness of the industry. 
  • Educate students as leaders for the industry and for the organizations that supply it, regulate it or make use of its products. 

For more information, click on our POPI brochure.

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