Charles L. Cooney, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering,
Faculty Director, Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation,
& Co-Director, Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry (POPI)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Charles L. Cooney is Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is the Faculty Director of the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, Co-Director of the Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry (POPI) and MIT faculty director of the Consortium on Advanced Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals (CAMP). He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1966. His Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemical Engineering are from MIT in 1967, and 1970, respectively. After a short post-doctoral time at the Squibb Institute for Medical Research in 1970, he joined the faculty of MIT as an Assistant Professor in 1970 and became a full Professor in 1982. He received the 1989 Gold Medal of the Institute of Biotechnological Studies ( London ), the Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the James Van Lanen Distinguished Service Award from the American Chemical Society's Division of Microbial and Biochemical Technology and was elected to the American Institute of Medical and Biochemical Engineers. He serves as a consultant to a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, is on several editorial boards of professional journals, sits on the Boards of Directors of Genzyme, BioProcessors and Biocon, Ltd ( India ) and is chair of the FDA Advisory Committee for Pharmaceutical Science.

Prof. Cooney's research interests span a range of topics in biochemical engineering and pharmaceutical manufacturing. He has published over 300 research papers and co-authored or edited 3 books. He has particular interest in bioreactor design, operation and control, downstream processing for recovery of biological products, processing of pharmaceutical powders and manufacturing strategy in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The central philosophy underlying research in his laboratory is the application of multidisciplinary approaches to the development of advanced manufacturing technologies for the biochemical and pharmaceutical industry. As faculty director of the Deshpande Center he is interested in the process of converting technological innovation into new company creation.

In addition to his professional interests, Prof. Cooney is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Boston Ballet, and is an Overseer of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His other interest include rock climbing, skiing, high altitude mountaineering, scuba diving and antique map collecting.



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