L. Rafael Reif, Provost

Report of the Initiative for Faculty Race and Diversity

Part I:
Executive Report and Recommendations

F. Plan for Institutional Implementation, Assessment and Ongoing Evaluation of Progress

To ensure an open discussion of the recommendations provided by the report as well as the study findings, and to enable implementation of the recommended actions, the following steps are suggested:

  1. It is recommended that the president and provost, in conjunction with the MIT Corporation and with the academic deans, promptly review and address the implementation of the recommendations above. School Council meetings will be arranged for each of the schools to discuss the report with the Initiative Committee and provost to enable input on the best means of implementation and to address concerns and issues surrounding implementation, as well as additional ideas. Within each school, discussions can center on how the guidelines can best be translated into school and departmental policies. The input gathered during this implementation planning period will enable the formation of Institute-wide policy, as well as school and unit policies, that fully address the recommendations.
  2. During this time period, the associate provosts for faculty equity and the Initiative Committee will work to initiate discussion of the recommendations with the general faculty and MIT community. Further input from the general faculty will be arranged via means such as the general faculty meeting. Input from the community can be used for further refinement of the recommendations, while maintaining their key intent and objectives.
  3. It is further recommended that the provost and the MIT Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Equity work with the deans and academic units to address the administrative details of implementation to ensure Institute-wide incorporation of the recommendations in every unit.
  4. The Faculty Race and Diversity Initiative Committee, or a similar committee of faculty members appointed by the provost and including the associate provosts for faculty equity, should be maintained during the remainder of the 2009-2010 academic year. The goals of this group will be to work with the president, provost and academic deans on the implementation of the recommendations, and to give feedback regarding the intent and details of the recommendations.
  5. Appropriate staff and resources should be provided to the associate provost for faculty equity to support implementation of these recommendations, including the management of diversity metrics, the development of needed diversity informational or training programs, and facilitation of faculty diversity efforts across the Institute.
  6. The Institute must assess the progress made on the recommendations established in this report in future years. A committee of senior faculty should be assembled to periodically review progress made toward minority faculty recruitment and retention every five to 10 years and report to the president and provost with further recommendations, if needed, to accomplish the original goals of this report. The results of these evaluations should also be shared with the general faculty.
  7. The cohort analysis data set should be maintained and updated each year to provide a means of evaluating progress of the Institute in achieving goals of increased faculty diversity. This data set should be further expanded to include several additional key variables, including doctoral degree institution, country of origin, and years of professional or academic experience before hire; these variables will be critical in gaining increased understanding over time. Institutional Research must maintain data at the intersection of race, gender and national origin of all faculty, and must also maintain records of hiring, promotion, resignation and retirement of faculty to address other key details in the cohort study. Additional resources must be provided to accommodate the personnel needed to maintain these records. This data must be examined annually by the president, provost and associate provosts for faculty equity, as well as shared and discussed with the school deans and department and unit heads.

E. Recommendations

G. Existing Programs and
Models for Success

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