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International Environmental Negotiation


Papers on International Environmental Negotiation
William R. Moomaw and Lawrence E. Susskind, eds.

For the past fifteen years the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program has published an annual compilation of the best papers on international environmental treaty negotiation prepared by advanced graduate students at MIT, Harvard and Tufts: the Papers on International Environmental Negotiation. Many of these papers have stimulated thinking and action on a range of concepts and strategies including expanded roles for non-state actors in environmental treaty negotiations, enhanced information gathering and monitoring roles for treaty secretariats, new approaches to media coverage of environmental treaty negotiations, innovative techniques for generating "compliance without enforcement," capacity building aimed at enhancing the role of the South in environmental treaty negotiations, and better ways of ensuring a balance between science and politics. Some of the papers have documented the need for expanded regional and global cooperation to manage "common pool" resources that have not previously been the subject of treaty negotiations including nitrogen balance, space debris, fresh water, invasive species, genetically modified organisms, high level nuclear waste, renewable energy and certain endangered species (like the great apes).

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